ANSYS Twin Builder: Creating and Deploying a Product Digital Twin

ANSYS’s Twin Builder allows companies to create hybrid digital twins to improve product performance and design better products.

Simulation Results

ANSYS’ Discovery Live: Promising Instant Analysis

Discovery Live is a new software application from ANSYS promising real-time simulation. This post reviews its capabilities and their ability to produce. If there is one commonality in most software product announcements today, it’s hyperbole. Trend X will completely change the industry! Manufacturers that don’t adapt will be out of business in five years! It …

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ANSYS’ AIM: Empowering the Engineer

A software provider wants to enable common engineers to conduct simulations early and often in the development cycle so they can make better design decisions. Sound familiar? Well, it should. It’s been the goal of, well, just about every software provider serving the engineering community over the past twenty years. And what’s more, their approach has …

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3D CAD Model Rotor and Housing

The Interlopers of the 2014 CAD Landscape

The landscape of CAD application providers, like many tech areas today, is prone to big changes. This is the second in a series of posts where I’ll be providing my perspective on the state of things with respect to CAD. Strap in and read on. We started this series last time by looking at the …

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The Surprise in ANSYS’ Acquisition of Spaceclaim?

Back and the beginning of May, when ANSYS announced their intent to acquire Spaceclaim, pundits and analysts responded with a range of reactions. Some cheered, saying such a combination of geometry manipulation and depth of simulation technology was a breakthrough. Others groaned, saying Spaceclaim’s impact on true design would be undercut. And while I posted by own initial questions, I saw some real potential to solve a longstanding problem.

Three Key Questions as ANSYS Acquires Spaceclaim

There are obvious synergies between software applications of ANSYS and Spaceclaim, but there are outstanding questions as well. This post takes those issues on.