Remember when Direct Modeling was rare. Seriously, more than five years ago, the modeling approach was pretty much relegated to being delivered to market by much smaller software providers. I’ll never forget a conversation I had with a head of product management at one of the largest CAD software providers. “That war was fought, and feature-based modeling won a long time ago”, he had said to me.

Fast forward and the modeling landscape in the industry has changed. And its changed dramatically. Its honestly now hard to find a CAD software application that doesn’t have some form of Direct Modeling. It all started when some of those smaller software providers started to tout the modeling approach and position it as useful for less common users, like engineers, manufacturing specialists and simulation analysts. Lo and behold, the big software providers eventually followed suite. And now, you’d think with the big guys offering similar capabilities that the smaller software providers would get squeezed out.

Well… not so fast…

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