Digital Transformation initiatives take many forms. They can manifest as defining and managing a complete digital product definition as the Digital Thread. They can involve communicating sensor data from remote assets to the Internet of Things (IoT) as part of a product-as-a-service strategy. They can entail delivery of digital work instructions through Augmented Reality mediums as part of the next generation of manufacturing or service. In each of these cases, PLM systems play a crucial role and enable the definition, management, tracking, and communication of vital product information. This report covers how to plan and deploy PLM in support of digital transformation through the following sections:  

  • Aligning and Planning addresses how to build alignment across the company for Digital Transformation initiatives and PLM adoption.
  • Deploying and Evangelizing addresses scoping, planning, and implementing the first stage of the initiative, making users successful, and capturing the deployment to share with the rest of the company.
  • Expanding and Supporting explains how to grow the initiative beyond the first deployment, maintaining alignment across the company and sponsoring executives, integrating with other functional systems, and supporting ongoing success with users.