MBD Supplier Readiness Evaluation

Are suppliers ready to accept your MBD?

This service quantifies the readiness of your supply base, not the general industry.

We work with you to customize our standard, online MBD readiness evaluation to your needs. You drive your suppliers to the survey. We deliver the results.

With deep insight into the current operating state, current capability state, and future plans of your suppliers, you make more informed, better decisions about how to proceed with your MBD initiative.

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The Overview

Many engineering executives are now confident that MBD can deliver significant benefits. Nevertheless, a number of them hesitate because of uncertainty about their supplier’s readiness to use MBD deliverables.

Lifecycle Insights’ MBD Supplier Readiness Evaluation is a survey-based evaluation that provides a company insight into the ability of their supplier based to use an MBD across a variety of applications.

Findings from this evaluation give engineering executives insight into the current adoption of model-based practices and processes. But more importantly, it allows them to understand if suppliers are currently capable, even if they are not currently employing those capabilities.

The Process

Tailor our baseline question set to your interests

Promote the online survey to your suppliers, driving respondents through the questionnaire

We deliver findings reporting your supplier’s current operating state, capability state, and future plans


What applications are assessed?

The evaluation measures the ability of a company’s collective supply base to use an MBD in the following applications:

  1. Request for Quote (RFQ) Process: Using an MBD for costing, pricing, and quoting.
  2. Tooling Design: Using an MBD to design and detail tooling.
  3. Machining Preparation: Using an MBD to develop NC toolpaths for machining operations.
  4. Quality Inspection: Using an MBD to develop CMM toolpaths as well as comparisons to CMM measurements or 3D scans.

These areas can be expanded to cover other MBD applications in development.

How long does it take to complete the evaluation?

In total, it takes 8-12 weeks to complete the evaluation. This includes roughly 3 weeks to develop the survey, 2-3 weeks to collect responses, and 1-2 weeks to analyze the results.

How are survey responses collected?

The survey for the evaluation is developed and hosted with SurveyMonkey by Lifecycle Insights.

The company sponsoring the study is responsible for the outreach, typically through email, to drive responses from their suppliers. This is typically done in coordination with the procurement department within the sponsoring company.

Lifecycle Insights can coordinate response rates with the sponsoring company to track which suppliers have or have not completed the evaluation survey.

How is readiness assessed?

Lifecycle Insights evaluates a supplier’s readiness in three, distinct ways.

  • Current Operation State: This qualification measures the supplier’s current means of working with engineering deliverables (MBD, drawing, model, and combinations) for each application, both from your company and at large.
  • Current Capability State: This qualification measures which capabilities the supplier has in place to use an MBD for each application. This might include training, process steps, technologies deployed, and more.
  • Future Plans: This qualification measures the supplier’s plans to use an MBD for each application.

The survey is tailored to quantify a supplier’s readiness in these three areas.

How is the evaluation’s survey developed?

Lifecycle Insights uses a baseline set of questions tailored to evaluate a supplier’s current operating state, current capability state, and future plans. This acts as the starting point for the evaluation.

Lifecycle Insights collaborates with the client to refine the baseline set of questions and add additional questions to the evaluation’s survey. Additional information provided by the client, such as a list of supplier types of name, can be used as a cross-reference during the analysis of the evaluation’s data.


The following are some findings for the industry as a whole. We do not share readiness findings on a specific company’s suppliers. This set of findings looks at the readiness of suppliers in the industry to use an MBD as part of the quoting process.


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