So who is Xometry, and what do they do? They’re a manufacturing bureau with a network of about 3,000 manufacturing partners. How it works is you upload your 3-D model, specify how you want it manufactured, and what materials you want to use. As you upload your part, it looks at the geometry, the PMI, and other tolerances you specify. Then, it uses machine learning and artificial intelligence from their previous manufacturing partner jobs and generates a cost. The cost basis uses various parameters such as the volume of parts, type of work, manufacturing method, and material. Xometry learned over time what their manufacturing partners quote like, so they can mimic it almost instantly.

The instant quote you receive is actionable. You could press order, and get those parts shipped to you in a certain amount of time. So it’s not just some theoretical, hypothetical, “Hey, we think it’s going to cost this much.” It’s an actual actionable order.

When you’re ready to go to production, what does it mean for engineers? Well, they offer plugins for different CAD tools such as SolidWorks and Inventor. As you build your part, you can specify those parameters in a small slide-out panel, and you can specify the material and manufacturing method. You then get an interactive quote. As you make changes, the quote changes. You get real-time insight into the cost of the parts.

What’s interesting about this is when you compare it to other costing types of solutions. There are several costing solutions out there that have a theoretical model or hypothetical model based on the geometry and manufacturing method. But it’s not something where you can press order and get the parts. Whereas with Xometry, it is. Right within SolidWorks or Inventor or in the browser, you could press order and then get the parts in the next week.

So, it’s more real and more actionable in terms of the cost. And that’s the costing feedback that engineers can apply in the middle of the design process. So, that’s an advantage that I’ve seen in Xometry. A lot of people look at it as, “Hey, when you’re going to production, you can order these parts.” But actually, there’s a lot of value in the middle of design and a lot of people may not realize it.

So that’s it. That’s Xometry. Take care and talk soon.