Airshaper is a cloud-based, fluid-dynamics simulation platform that is specifically targeted to simulate what someone might traditionally do with a wind tunnel. To begin, take a model, such as a surface model or solid model and upload it to Airshaper’s cloud platform. This model can be oriented to respect the wind flow. Then, specify the fidelity of the simulation or analysis. The price will vary depending on how detailed someone wants the report to be or what kind of simulation they would like to run. These analyses can be run as a one-off. There’s no subscription, though there is a cost to run these simulations.

Airshaper provides results such as drag or noise envelopes. It will take into account if the model has a laminar or a turbulent flow and specifies where are those sections are on the design. These simulations and analyses are fast and simple. Airshaper gives customers the opportunity to do a trade study and figure out which model they want to progress with. For example, if a customer wanted to test a model in an actual wind tunnel, they could use Airshaper to see if the trip and expenses would be worth spending by simulating the effects before any decision is made. This analysis costs more but can give high-fidelity answers.

Whether it’s for drone design, for car design, or for small air vehicles, engineers can receive detailed reports on how their designs might withstand in an air tunnel. You can check it out here.