Do we really need another PLM solution? Let’s talk about CassiniPLM. First off, it’s really interesting. The company was founded by a few folks that have been in the PLM industry for long time. They looked out at the landscape of what was happening in the industry and saw a lot of struggles around implementation and deployment, and upgrades. It’s pretty obvious that has been an issue for a while. They set out to develop this new solution that would address these issues.  

PLM on the Cloud

First, it’s a cloud solution. There’s a lot of advantages that come along with that. Cassini is a PLM solution that lives in the cloud. You get the natural advantages that come with the cloud.  Let’s revisit those benefits real quick.

When you have a PLM solution behind your firewall within your company and you want others, such as employees working from home or suppliers, to be able to connect in and contribute. You are going to have to set them up with a VPN or other more complex security ways to connect in and contribute. The advantage that you get with a cloud-based solution is that everybody can connect with it securely from anywhere at any time. It doesn’t matter if they’re working from home, or they’re working within another company like a supplier.

PLM Implementation and Deployment on the Cloud

So this certainly does address one of the big things that we talked about earlier, this implementation and deployment side of things. Being in the cloud makes that far easier. You don’t have to install software, whether it’s on the server side or the client side. So that is a big enabler in and of itself.

CassiniPLM has some other capabilities that are pretty interesting. They span the traditional PLM set of functionality that you would expect, but also they’ve kind of crept into some other spaces. You see some MES functionality and some service lifecycle management functionality. It’s interesting because as you add more and more capabilities to a cloud solution, they just become available.You don’t have to upgrade to the next release. That kind of happens for you along the way.

CassiniPLM functionality spans PLM, MES and lifecycle management.

So why is having kind of a sprawling solution set important? Well, in particular, if you look at small and mid-sized businesses, you typically have roles that span functional departments that would be separate in larger companies. So, to make good decisions at that level, you really need visibility into what’s going on into those different functional areas.

If you’re an operations manager, you really do kind of want to know what’s going on in development, as well as what you have in inventory and manufacturing. You can make better informed decisions. And that’s why I find this solution pretty interesting, especially for SMBs. Because you can turn on the right functionality that is right for you, that supports the way your company works.

If you’re a smaller sized company, small to mid-sized company, and you find that, you have to go to a PLM solution and an ERP solution and a MES solution and you want to consolidate a view. CassiniPLM might be a good fit.