Here’s the ugly little secret about product development. People need access to a lot of information and in a lot of different systems, but often don’t get it. Today, let’s talk about Anark.

The State of Product Development Information

Let’s talk about product development and the information you need to make proper decisions. Today, there have been a lot of really interesting IT systems that have come up for different functional departments. It’s been beneficial to those different organizations. However, the result is you have a lot of information spread out into a lot of different places. And even though usually they’re aligned, an IT system to one functional department, to really make good, well-informed decisions, different stakeholders need access to information in different systems.

For example, someone in quality might need to access stuff in PLM, ERP, and a content management system. Someone in engineering might need to select a supplier and a component. They might need information in PLM and the ERP to understand what the inventory is, and a supply chain management system. This is true of almost every stakeholder in every functional department. You might look at it and say, “Well, what about cloud solutions?” Even if you have someone providing PLM and ERP from the same provider, it might be part of the same solution in the cloud, you’re really not going to find one solution that offers everything across the board.

So, what’s the big deal? What’s the outcome of that? Well too often, you have to run around and get that information in other ways. Sometimes, it’s a weekly meeting where you get a read out, or you have a gopher that runs around to each different functional department and gets that information. Or maybe you have different logins to all those different systems. All of those approaches have flaws because almost as soon as you get the information it could be outdated. As a result, you’re not making a decision on the most up-to-date information.

What is Anark?

This is where Anark can come in. The idea with Anark is that it connects to all of these different types of systems. It really doesn’t matter if it’s on-premise or in the cloud. Within Anark, you can develop this custom view for each role that serves up the right combination of information. It may be even on top of a 3D model, so it can be consumed quickly and easily by that stakeholder in that functional department.

So that’s what can be really compelling about the Anark solution. It adds a layer for all of these different functional roles so that they can access all the information that they need to make the right decisions. It’s always up to date. It grabs the latest up-to-date information from all those enterprise systems and serves it up in this custom view for that role. As a result, you’re making a better decision. You’re making accurate decisions and you can also use it to automate the generation of deliverables based on that information as well.

That’s the story with Anark. It’s fascinating to me because this is a fundamental problem that practically every company has. You’re always going to have this federation of systems that holds different pieces of critical information. ultimately for people to make good decisions, they need to have a view into the right combination of that information. And that’s something that Anark holds a lot of promise for.