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What is The Connection Between Accelerating Product Complexities, Systems Thinking, and PLM Platforms?

Join Chad Jackson, Chief Analyst and CEO, Lifecycle Insights, and Paweł Chądzyński, Sr. Director Product Marketing at Aras, as they discuss the role of Systems Thinking and PLM platforms have in effectively managing accelerating product complexities.

Oracle: Moving PLM to the Cloud

What does Oracle’s move to the cloud have to do with PLM? Why is it important? A few years ago, Oracle started to transition a lot of its enterprise systems into the cloud. They’ve had a PLM solution for a while. They acquired one many years ago and it’s certainly capable. There’s no doubt about …

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What is CassiniPLM?

Do we really need another PLM solution? Let’s talk about CassiniPLM. First, it’s a cloud solution. There’s a lot of advantages that come along with that. Cassini is a PLM solution that lives in the cloud. You get the natural advantages that come with the cloud. Let’s revisit those benefits real quick.

A How to Guide for Driving Digital Transformation with PLM

Get expert advice on how to plan and deploy PLM in support of your innovation efforts. Based on the eBook, “The PLM Deployment Handbook: Planning and Driving Digital Transformation”, Kevin O’Brien, Divisional GM of PLM, will ask author Chad Jackson, Chief Analyst at Lifecycle Insights questions on examples of digital transformation initiatives, PLM best practices and more.


Product Lifecycle Management is a crucial enabler for Digital Transformation initiatives. PLM powers the complete, digital definition of a product across engineering domains and functional departments. It drives and automates digital processes within and across companies. It is a fundamental building block to Digital Transformation. This report explains how to plan and deploy PLM in support of a Digital Transformation effort.

CONTACT Software: More Than Another PLM Solution

Do we need another PLM solution in the marketplace? It seems like a pretty crowded field. Why would another solution, like CONTACT Software, really be any different? Let’s table the discussion about whether we need another one and talk about the company first.  Organic Product Development First off, CONTACT Software is not a public company; …

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M-Files: How Does Master Data Management Apply to PLM and Product Development?

M-Files and Master Data Management  Why are they relevant to product development? Let’s start with master data management, and then discuss M-Files. Master data management is a set of solutions meant to address the burgeoning problem of different functional departments using various enterprise systems. For example, there is service life cycle management, product life cycle …

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What is the Xcelerator Platform from Siemens PLM?

Siemens PLM, or Siemens Digital Industries, as they’re now known. They announced the availability of something called the Xcelerator Platform. So what’s the deal? What is this thing about? Well, there’s several layers to understand about this platform. Let’s talk about the lowest layer first. Xcelerator Platform: Web Services That lowest layer is taking all …

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Is PLM A Never-Ending Journey?

Some suggest that the ongoing expansion of PLM can go on forever in the context of continuous improvement. Chad Jackson gives his perspective on this controversial question.