Let’s talk about one of the biggest takeaways from the first session of SOLIDWORKS World.

The most notable announcement from day one of SOLIDWORKS World was 3Dexperience.works. This is a new offering on the 3D experience platform that includes capabilities to plan, design, simulate, and manufacture. Basically, it’s an offering that’s really targeted at the SOLIDWORKS community. The idea here is that a lot of the brands that you associate with Dassault (so CATIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA, all of those types of capabilities or traditional offerings), have been merged into the 3D experience platform. Not only have they been migrated to the 3D experience platform, but their capabilities have been combined into different offerings. If you look at something like plan or design, you likely have capabilities from both CATIA and ENOVIA included in there.

This is a new offering that’s kind of abstracted out of the brands typically associated with Dassault. It’s more functionally driven. I think the concept is that it will be more appealing to the SOLIDWORKS community, which to various degrees has resisted the move to something like the 3D experience platform. There are some other aspects that are interesting there. Integration is, I think, an interesting characteristic in that all of these tools are kind of together. You don’t have a separate PLM solution, and you don’t have a separate CAD solution. It’s all part of the platform. Another advantageous item it provides is a cloud. This means more accessibility, especially for collaboration, as well as increased compute power in these offerings.