Kubotek’s K-Force Tools: What Are They? What’s the Value?

What are Kubotek’s solutions, and how can they be used?

So let’s talk about Kubotek’s offerings in this space. For context, when you talk about mechanical design, pretty much everybody is working with suppliers nowadays. For improved collaboration and better design, data moves around to those suppliers. As data moves around, it changes formats and needs to be able to convert cleanly and quickly while maintaining geometric integrity to stay the same. So if you cut a mold, you are cutting steel off of one model that represents the original.

Kubotek has three primary solutions to address this need. The first solution is K-Compare Validate. Kobutek uses its geometry kernel to audit two models to see if they are within certain bounds of one another. You can open design data in lots of different formats, and compare them. You can also make batch comparisons.

The second solution is K-Display Convert. K-Display Convert allows you to convert a model from one format to another format in different CAD applications. You can also make batch comparisons.

The third solution is K-Display View. K-Display View lets you view lots of various 3D models in lots of different formats.

So the question becomes, why go with a desktop app versus a cloud platform? With a cloud platform, you access and share designs directly from the cloud with minimal risk. For some organizations, the cloud solution can be a good fit. But it depends on the type of organization you have. Are you progressive? Are you larger? Do you have IT standards around protecting intellectual property?

Kubotek’s solutions, on the other hand, are very granular and focused on solving a specific problem. Kubotek’s solutions are easy to use, quick to install, provide a lot of capability, and solve one main problem. For organizations that value speed, the granular, simple solution is a good fit. You don’t have to jump through a bunch of other hoops to get up and going.

Do you want a bigger, integrated solution with no install where you can share things from the cloud while protecting your intellectual property a little bit more? Or do you want something that lets you do a lot of things and solve a lot of small problems very quickly and easily? You have to figure out which fit is best for you.

So that’s it. Take care. Talk soon.

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