Wincom is a cloud-based solution that will manage the customizations that you create for Windchill, which is PTC’s PLM solution. In order to explain this, we need a bit more context.

When you deploy any PLM solution, you can configure it, which means changing the parameters and options that it offers and then you can create customizations. Customization is extending the functionality of the PLM platform and overriding existing functionality within the platform. This involves lots of code.

The problem that you traditionally have is that when you develop customizations and you go to upgrade to the next release of the PLM platform or any kind of platform, those customizations will break.

This can be expected because when a PLM provider develops a new release, they’re changing some of the calls underneath the platform in the solution because they want to improve it. There are enhancements that might change how things work underneath the covers with the software.

The big problem is how you get those to upgrade over time. Wincom is a cloud-based platform. Customizations can be managed in the browser you visit for this site. You visit this site in a browser and all of your customizations can be managed there. A large number of customers manage their customizations there. Those customizations are loaded up and the system checks the compatibility of those customizations to different releases of the PLM solution.

Wincom also provides its own standard customizations. If you want a certain type of functionality, they might already have met customization that they maintain the compatibility with the PLM solution, release after release after release after release. So it takes some of the guesswork and a bit of the ownership out of those customizations.