Chad Jackson

PTC recently announced the integration between Integrity and Windchill. Chad Jackson is here to talk about why this is so important.

Integrity and Windchill Integration


PTC recently announced that Integrity capabilities are going to be integrated into Windchill, though they will remain independent during the switch. This is important because, from a systems engineering perspective, typically someone would develop requirements at a top-level system that then need to be allocated down into different engineering disciplines, such as mechanical hardware, electrical hardware, electronic hardware, or embedded software. It’s important to be able to connect those requirements; from the requirement down through functions, logical architectures down to physical architectures (akin to CAD structure)s and product structures. This integration is very important to have.

With this new integration, processes are going to be far more seamless. You’ll be able to manage and have traceability all the way from the top to the bottom, from requirements to physical items. For companies that design across many domains, there’s a significant benefit and this integration allows for less effort to actually have that traceability.

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