Today at Liveworx, PTC announced that Onshape’s cloud infrastructure, now dubbed Atlas, will be the platform for all of PTC’s products going forward. The CAD application Onshape and some Vuforia apps are immediately available and more are soon to follow.

When PTC acquired Onshape, it certainly seemed like there was more to it than making a move to get a cloud-based CAD app. And granted, there’s a lot of value there. Between Creo, Onshape, and Frustrum, there is a lot to be excited about. As long as they bring these capabilities together into an integrated offering, the future looks bright. We talked about it at length in one of our video reviews.

PTC’s Acquisition of Onshape: Implications for Creo

However, that wasn’t the only thing to consider. Enterprise apps are showing up on the cloud fast today. It would only make sense to offer PLM and ALM in the cloud as well. With today’s announcement that all apps, seemingly current and future, will move to the Atlas platform, PTC has plans for Windchill and Integrity. We talked about the implications of the Onshape platform for those two solutions back during the acquisition as well.

PTC’s Acquisition of Onshape: Implications for Windchill

PTC’s Acquisition of Onshape: Implications for Integrity

Of course, the implications for PTC’s portfolio doesn’t end with the traditional solutions like CAD, PLM, and ALM. There are important things to think about with their IoT and AR offerings, Thingworx and Vuforia. In fact, today’s announcement that some Vuforia apps are now available on Atlas proves that out. These are two more areas where we saw pretty important impacts with the acquisition of Onshape. You can review those videos here as well.

PTC’s Acquisition of Onshape: Implications for ThingWorx

PTC’s Acquisition of Onshape: Implications for Vuforia

I’m sure that the effect of the Onshape acquisition doesn’t end with these solutions. I believe that PTC is looking hard at where there are strong synergies between these offerings once they are served from a cloud platform. Liveworx started off with Jim Heppelman hammering home that point with the example of spatial computing.

It wasn’t that long ago that some people scratched their heads and shrugged a little when they heard PTC had acquired Onshape. I think now folks are starting to wake up to the fact that PTC acquired Onshape’s cloud-based platform as much as the cloud-based CAD application. And in my estimation, that story is just beginning to unfold.