Today, Chad Jackson sat down with an Aras customer to ask if Aras will support their users through every release upgrade. What he had to say was very interesting. This customer is working on a very complex type of product. Their build material is about 250,000 items.
We asked them “Does Aras really support you and do your upgrades for you when a new release comes out, even though you might have customizations?”
He said, “Yes.”
This customer explained that he sends Aras the database that they use to do initial testing to make sure that everything can be taken up to the next release. They send it back to him, he verifies that is working as expected, and then they send people out to his site in order to run their scripts. Those scripts identify where the changes are, and if there’s an issue they will, on-site, make development changes and help the customer actually upgrade to the new release.

Given the complexity of this customer and the complexity of this product, its good to hear that Aras supports everyone through the upgrade of their new release.