Quick poll: do you know the most requested presentation topic for NAFEMS events? Anyone. Think quick. I guess the title of this post might be giving it away, but when I talked with Michelle Ringrose about my presentation for NAFEMS North American Conference 2012, she was very clear: addressing the business side of simulation has been one of the top challenges of this community. That’s why so many attendees of prior events had requested more presentations on how to champion simulation to the business executives within your companies. So, with all that said, what’s the answer?

Is it correlating test results to simulations? No.What about getting simulation data under centralized control? Nope.Getting engineers to drive design decisions off simulations? Negatory.Now, of course, all these can be valuable. But in and of themselves, they won’t help you champion simulation within your company. What will?

Befriending the beancounter.

Yes. That’s obtuse. So let me explain.

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