I now have no doubt left in my mind: system simulation is now all the rage.

A few weeks ago, I hopped on the bandwagon to write on the topic. I published a post titled Systems Simulation: Far-off Future or Feasible Now? here at the NAFEMs blog. That post focused on how to build a simulation model that incorporates various digital and physical representations from different engineering disciplines. Its complicated stuff in its own right. In that post, I posed the question of whether were close to reality or some future vision.

Reality, however, is actually far far more complicated. Some organizations actually dont want to just simulate a systems performance at a single point in time, but want to progressively check behavior and validate requirements continuously during the design cycle. In simulation-speak, that makes it a transient problem. Suddenly a seemingly complex challenge becomes an order of magnitude more complicated.

Check out the complete post, Continuous Systems Validation: Progressive Design Representations, at the NAFEMs blog.