Today we look at how Solid Works can help you use PMI and model-based definitions (MBD’s) to generate tool paths automatically for machining.

There has been a notion that since you have the geometry, the product, the manufacturing information (tolerances and surface finishes), and the defined material, you should automatically generate tool paths for machining. However, not a lot of software can support such functions today.

To combat this lack of functionality in software, Solid Works CAM provides a capability called tolerance-based machining, or rules-based machining. It analyzes your MBD and looks for surface finishes. The capability allows you to specify the use of different machining strategies based on different ranges of surface finishes. This means selecting different tools, multiple tool paths, defining feeds and speeds, and generating those multiple tool paths automatically after analyzing your part.

This is available today in Solid Works CAM, which has become one of the first pieces of software to provide this functionality. If you are looking for more support for your MBDs, Solid Works CAM has provided the tools you need in order to further develop your projects.