How does Elysium support model-based definition validation?
Before diving into this topic, you may want to check out an earlier video that talks about MBD validation, why it’s important and what’s involved.

A fundamental issue that was discussed was that different CAD applications and 3D viewing applications have different fidelity of the geometry that they use when they’re running. Elysium addresses this by providing another format called ENF format. It acts as a superset of the formats of the different CAD applications and all the 3D viewing applications.

It is a high fidelity format that can be easily converted into other formats. Because this has been in development for over a decade, what happens to your 3D model in its native CAD format?  The model gets upgraded or up-converted into an ENF format. From there, it can be converted into many different types of format at a very high rate of precision using an API toolkit. This is an application programming interface, where for Creo or NX or Catia, you can almost create your own little applications based on the software hooks that are published by those solution providers.

The rate at which you have a higher quality conversion is increased with Elysium’s solutions. They also provide a comparison report. It compares to the original format with the new format. This lets you have two different versions and see differences between the geometry in a PDF file. The program will highlight the areas that are different. This is where an issue pops up, something to be addressed for the next upgrade. It happens when you’re converting at a higher rate with Elysium solutions and you get the comparison report where it helps you understand where there might be issues. While this isn’t always an issue with conversion, but rather it is poor modeling practices that might’ve been hidden in the native CAD format. Those modeling flaws can get exposed when it’s converted over to a different CAD format.

To recap, Elysium is offering conversion at a higher rate and a helpful comparison report. This provides important benefits to many companies that are worried about validation for model-based enterprise initiatives.