Requirements Management with Solid Edge is an interesting offering. In the middle of last year, 2018, Siemens announced a requirements management capability that is part of Solid Edge allowing access to the requirements management capabilities from right within Solid Edge. In a separate slide-out window you can manage them, you can create them, and you can allocate them.

This is enabled by Polarion, an acquisition that Siemens PLM made several years ago and it’s best known for application lifecycle management, used to manage the code for embedded software and support the development cycle there.

The capability of requirements management has been made available separately right within Solid Edge. It does require a separate server to which Solid Edge will connect to. It’s not a file-based system. you can allocate a requirement to a specific Solid Edge model, file, or assembly.

This is a very granular type of solution that specifically addresses requirements management. You can upgrade it, if you want, such as connecting into a full Polarion instance. But it starts off with a very bite-sized chunk that you can adopt and use by itself. Many smaller organizations just want a small capability for requirements management. They don’t want full PLM, and this is a solution that delivers that.

This is a really good example of Solid Edge meeting customers where they are. Take care and talk soon.