Earlier this year, Onshape made some interesting additions to their cloud platform including data management, workflow, and more. We give a quick overview in this video.

What’s New?

Let’s talk about Onshape. What’s the latest that they’re offering today? A lot of people know and recognize Onshape as the first cloud-based 3D CAD solution. Their capabilities have been expanding on that front for a while now. But earlier this year, around January and February, they came out with a new set of capabilities. They continue to come out with new capabilities because it is a cloud app around data management and offers PLM-plus capabilities. These include data management, release management, and change management (especially in assessing a change and mocking up a change). This gets into this capability of branching, for example, with designs, exploring different possibilities, and then merging them back together.

Additionally, data management gets pretty deep into baselines, managing versions, and iterations. These have been expanding over time and aren’t going to be the CAD and 3D modeling capabilities over time. I suspect you’re going to see more and more associated document management capabilities and related capabilities. That’s the latest with Onshape. They have a, a free trial, that will allow you access to some capabilities. If you want to subscribe and start using it professionally, then you can expand on what it can do. Take care and talk soon.