This series of posts focuses on the perspectives on executives, managers and staff personnel in the engineering organization. This post specifically features Aaron Solet, a Mechanical Design Engineer from Lanco. It includes video excerpts from an interview I conducted with him on Lanco’s transition to Synchronous Technology in Solid Edge at the Siemens PLM Analyst Event in Boston, MA.

A couple weeks ago, you watched Dr. Andrew Thomas talk about Energist’s transition to using Synchronous Technology in Solid Edge. As you’ll see below in my interview with Aaron Solet, there are both positives and negatives to learning how to use this new technology.

If you remember that earlier post where Dr. Andrew Thomas said you can’t dip your toe in the pool when it comes to learning and using this technology and it seems like he’s right. This technology is a departure from the old school concepts of feature-based parametric modeling.

Have you used ST? What are your thoughts? Weigh in and leave a comment below.

Take care. Talk soon. And thanks for reading and watching.