Chad Jackson

Can you incorporate fluid flow analysis into generative design? The answer is yes, and Chad Jackson is here to talk about how.

Fluid Flow and Generative Design in NX

Fluid flow in generative design.

Recently, Chad Jackson attended the Siemens user even Realize LIVE and sat in on a presentation by Tony Hemmelgarn, the CEO of Siemens PLM. There, he showed examples of fluid flow in generative design. Chad explained that this was the first time he’s seen a fluid flow simulation affect the results of generative design.

He commented on how intriguing this was because with structural analysis driving generative design if there are elements that are part of a simulation model and elements that have very low stress or strain in them, this means they aren’t carrying much of a load in the park. As a result, you can remove it. This is how most generative design or topology optimization routines work today.

With fluid flow, Chad Jackson explained there is a definite difference. If there is not much flow through a certain spatial area of the design, then perhaps it is possible to remove it and maybe that’s what’s going on here, but Chad wants readers to keep in mind that this is the first time he’s seen fluid flow make an impact or be used for generative design, along with the operation of combining that with structures.

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