This series of posts focuses on the perspectives on executives, managers and staff personnel in the engineering organization. This post specifically features Dr. Andrew Thomas, the CTO for Energist NA Inc., on their selection of Solid Edge as their MCAD and MCAE software solution. It includes video excerpts from an interview I conducted with Dr. Thomas at the Siemens PLM Analyst Event in Boston, MA.

Everyone likes to have a second opinion, right? I see it at many places like LinkedIn where people ask about the use of different software systems and applications. “Have you used system x?” one might ask. “Have you used application c” another might ask. Now of course, I have my own perspectives on engineering software systems and applications that I publish here at this blog. But an overall goal of mine is also to provide a platform to those in the engineering community to be heard. That’s why I conduct video interviews.

Today’s engineering voice comes from Dr. Andrew Thomas, the CTO from Energist NA Inc. For a little more on the company, here’s an excerpt from the background section at their corporate website.

Energist Group designs, manufactures and markets lasers and light-based systems for hair removal and aesthetic skin treatments, serving both the medical and beauty sectors. With over 8000 systems currently in the market world-wide, Energist Group operates in over 70 countries through a highly trained network of distributors, and direct sales operations. The company is widely seen as one of the leading players in the industry.

In this first video interview, I talked with Dr. Thomas about how they selected Solid Edge as their MCAD and MCAE application for design and engineering.

In the next post, I’ll let Dr. Thomas share what it was like to transition over to using Synchronous Technology. It wasn’t as easy as you might think. Stay tuned.

Take care. Talk soon. And thanks for reading and watching.