Well, regardless of whatever else you have to say about Dassault Systèmes, you have to admit: they have vision.

Last week, Dassault Systèmes invited their customers as well as many media and analyst folks down to Orlando for something called the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum. There are a few really well written summaries of the event and the message from DS, but in short, it was this: an experience is what occurs during the development of a product. And that experience needs to be supported across many different software systems and applications like ENOVIA, CATIA, SIMULIA and the like.

To date, much of the focus in the industry has been on those individual software systems and applications as opposed to the overarching experience. This forum is DS’ first effort to change that focus for them. The video above, recorded by Verdi Ogewell the Editor-in-Chief at VerstadsForum ERP & PLM Magazine, shows Bernard Charles explaining the vision in his own words.

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