Let’s talk about Esteco and their products. There are two main products here, modeFRONTIER and VOLTA. They serve different purposes, but basically they’re both all about simulation automation and simulation data management, which kind of comes along with simulation automation.

Simulation Automation

The idea here is kind of the standard one behind simulation automation. You have an engineer or an expert analyst that defines the start of the sequence of events that you want to execute in a series of connected simulations. You define what are the inputs, what are the outputs and that gives you a simulation result. There’s lots of benefits to this approach.

With simulation automation, you can really accelerate the execution of these interconnected analyses, where the input for one is what you need from the prior step. This is especially true when you get into multi-physics analyses and more complex simulations. This by itself is pretty beneficial. It can really let analysts get more out of their time. With Esteco the offer here is modeFRONTIER, which is really a desktop-based simulation automation tool.

Now, there is additional value that you can realize out of a tool like modeFRONTIER. This gets into automation and varying design inputs. So there are all sorts of design variables that you can change and explore different options, right? What modeFRONTIER does with this, and their simulation automation is that you can define those variables as things that can change. Then you can run designs of experiments. You can run sensitivity studies. You can run optimizations. You can see how the answers change. You can track all those different designs and how they performed.

The Importance of Simulation Data Management

Let’s talk about simulation data management in this context. It’s actually a crucial enabler here because you’re going to be generating a lot of designs. So you’re going to have a set of different designs. You’re going to have a set of different simulations. Actually it’s not just one simulation result. It is actually the sequence of simulation. There’s a set associated with each individual design. You need to be able to track and manage that. You need to know what set of analyses and the final outcome is associated with each individual variation. This becomes really critical because you want to be able to make design decisions off of this information. If you don’t do that, if you don’t use a tool that has this kind of embedded in it, then you run into a big challenge of doing that manually.

This can get very, very complex. Frankly, doing that manually is a non-value-added task for expert analysts. So, as we mentioned before, this kind of set of capabilities is supported by modeFRONTIER, which is Esteco’s desktop solution. This can improve the productivity of analysts on their own, you really do want more collaboration and accessibility for the rest of the company. So what they have is another solution called VOLTA. This is a browser based solution that can let other teams access and execute this simulation automation.

They can look at those results that correlate to different design iterations. Okay. So why is this a big deal? Why do you need broader access? Well, it gets very interesting because not only do you want other teams, other groups, other divisions within your company to be able to access and reuse simulation automation so that they can get more productive, but they’ll also be able to contribute, right?

So it’s not just about the expert analyst developing this simulation automation sequence on their own. Lots of other people can contribute to that automation. It might be a spreadsheet that performs some unique calculations within another group. Someone else might have a small little program to run and execute with certain design inputs that gives you outputs like costs and surface area and things like that. Things that matter to making the design decision.

So getting everybody on the same page is kind of what this browser-based access solution to run these simulation automations and to review results is really crucial. That’s the area that VOLTA fills. So that’s where these two products meet up.

So modeFRONTIER is the desktop-based solution to let you define these things. VOLTA will also let you contribute and hook things up, but also execute them. You can both execute them and then look at results as well. The VOLTA one is more about enterprise access. It’s more about getting everybody on the same page, making the simulation automations more accessible, and extending the value out that way.