What is Mechanical Computer Aided Manufacturing (MCAM)?

The Misnomer of Feature-Based Machining


Ever heard of COFES, which stands for Congress on the Future of Engineering Software? Its an event out in Phoenix AZ held by Cyon Research that aims to bring together folks that are media, industry analyst, software provider and users to talk about where computer aided technology is heading.

This last year, I led a session that discussed what implications, if any, came out of the recent rash of acquisitions in the CAM space. But interestingly enough, we instead got into a discussion that focused instead on what innovations have occurred, if any at all, in the CAM industry recent years.

Coming out of that meeting, i have to admit that one of the most impressive advances in CAM in recent history is something called feature-based machining, although it isn’t exactly what it sounds like.

Read the full The Misnomer of Feature-Based Machining post at the Siemens PLM Community Blog.

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