Everyone likes a good debate, right?

Well, as a co-host for the web show Tech4PD, I have to admit that I am a little biased. The idea behind the web show is that Jim Brown, another Industry Analyst, and I debate various topics about technology that enables product development. Viewer’s votes determine who wins. The loser has to fulfil a consequence. Last month, Jim did a 35 degree polar bear swim. Earlier, I had to shave my head. In the second episode, Jim had to brush his teeth with wasabi.

Regardless,he and I have debated integrated suites versus granular solutions time and again on the show. And I was thinking, the topic strongly applies to simulation. Perhaps more so than any other area.

Given that, I wanted to get your feedback. Should simulation analysts mainly use integrated suites or granular solutions to setup, run and review their simulations? Before we jump into that debate, however, let’s look at some of the past episodes for precedence.

You can read the full post at the new NAFEMS blog under the post The Best Simulation Toolbox: Integrated Suite or Granular Apps?