Enterprise Business Platforms, Solutions and Apps are used to execute cross-functional organizational responsibilities, providing combinations of capabilities that are often delivered by multiple separate enterprise systems. More specifically, the following definitions apply:

  • The term Enterprise Business Platforms refers to a set of integrated software applications and/or systems whose capabilities and shared data can be combined to create Enterprise Business Solutions or Apps.
  • Enterprise Business Solutions or Apps, which can come in the form of a software application (desktop- or mobile-based) and/or a software system (server- or cloud-based) provide capabilities from multiple integrated software applications and/or systems that operate on data that is shared with other Enterprise Business Solutions or Apps within the Enterprise Business Platform. In the form of an App, this type of solution is often granular, providing a focused set of capabilities that addresses the needs of a specific role or industry.


Enterprise Business Platforms, Solutions and Apps are used in scenarios where the responsibilities of specific roles span the boundaries of multiple functional organizations or multiple life cycle stages of a product. This includes Program Managers and Compliance Officers that need visibility into engineering, sourcing, manufacturing and supply chain progress, as well as the ability to define and execute corrective and proactive actions during development, launch, service, and end of life.

The scope of Enterprise Business Platforms, Solutions and Apps can range widely. The coverage of this solution type on this site is limited to that of product development from discrete manufacturers.

Capabilities Provided and Related Technology Enablers

The capabilities of this type of solution can vary dramatically, but can combine the capabilities of:

Furthermore, an important aspect of Enterprise Business Platforms, Solutions and Apps is the ability to share integrated data within the platform and across solutions and apps.