Not all that long ago, I started a blogfight with Jos Voskuil. Jos had written an excellent post titled PLM is Journey. In it, Jos suggested that PLM is not an IT solution, but a journey that an organization takes involving the improvement of product development. I wrote a response titled PLM Requires Business Transformation? Bollocks. Pardon my language, but as you might guess, I didn’t agree with Jos’ theory, especially in the light of the fundamentals of PLM like data management, design release and change management.

The point to all this lies in assessing the need for process change for any technology adoption. In this case, I want to take a hard look at Model-Based Enterprise initiatives. I have an opinion, of course, like I always do. But I’d like some feedback on this one in particular. In this post, I propose that the adoption of Model-Based Enterprise initiatives do, in fact, require process change within an organization.

Read the entire post titled Do Model-Based Initiatives Require Process Change? over at PTC’s Creo blog.