I think we’re going to see that there are lots of little niche tools in Mentor that are exposed over time. System Vision falls into that category.

So, what is it? System Vision is a 1D modeling and simulation tool for analog mix signals and other equipment—such as sensors—your product contains. Basically, you can connect all of those things up and analyze the performance of that system. One of the interesting things about this solution is that it’s Cloud-based.

I find this interesting because Siemens PLM, in general, has been leading their customers to the cloud. They’ve been waiting to see what kind of pull there is to move their solutions to the cloud. Yet, in this case, it actually makes sense. The idea was to provide this as a fast and simple tool to let electronics engineers actually… engineer… these systems. In this case, the cloud is a natural fit.

The Advantages of System Vision

It is not Amesim, but it fulfills an interesting niche. Whereas Amesim is a lot more mechanically focused, System Vision is focused on the electrical and electronics side of things. With it, you can develop the variables and parameters of your model first and then you can start selecting components. You can use the outcome of this to seed your circuit board design. So It’s a concept design tool, but from an electronics functional perspective.

It is available on a freemium type of model where some users can invite others to come on and use it. There are work groups that can collaboratively work on certain models, and that’s where the cloud aspect is a strong fit. Get it in the cloud. Share it with partners, customers, and suppliers. Collaborate. Then move on to detailed circuit board design.

The Infolytica Fit

Like other 1D modeling and simulation tools, the key to success is having a robust library of model components that you can reuse. Infolytica has some strong resources here, offering the opportunity to accelerate the usefulness of the tool. With the right set of components, this tool could be incredibly helpful.

The Big Picture

So, Amesim provides 1D modeling and simulation for mechanical and software interactions. System Vision provides 1D modeling and simulation for analog mixed signal systems. How are they relevant to one another?

Well, they aren’t. Not quite yet. But that’s not to say there isn’t potential in the future. There hasn’t been a notable connection between digital models of embedded software, electronics, sensors, and the mechanical systems they are supposed to control. Between Amesim and System Vision, most of the pieces are there. The question is if and when Siemens PLM and Mentor want to piece them together into a more holistic solution.