Back in September, Yoann Maingon over at Minerva, an Aras reseller, wrote a blog post that got my attention:Stop Starting PLM from Engineering!!! The gist of the post boils down to this excerpt.

Start your implementation’s phase 1 out(side) of engineering and you’ll get live much faster. These people need integrated systems and their processes are more stable then in engineering.

As you can see, it’s another traditional perspective on… wait… what?

The concept of initially deploying PLM outside of engineering runs counter to almost every software or service provider’s deployment approach. There’s been variations on what defines the so-called foundation of a PLM deployment, but they commonly look something like what Concurrent Engineering, a PTC reseller, has listed in their post titled 7 Must have Components of PLM.

Could such an approach be valid?

You can read the full post over at