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Anark: What is it? What’s the value?

August 1, 2019

Anark software has taken #MBD and created a way for it to be shared, edited, and published easily. Chad Jackson takes us through how it compares to older processes of sharing and MBD.

Anark: What is it? What’s the value?


Anark, what is it? What’s the value?

“What’s the fit? What are the clues that you can look at and figure out if Anark might be a solution for you?”

If you’re creating complex deliverables that are akin to a mash-up of information for many different sources, such as creating technical data packages where you’re taking a 3D model, a specification, and legal documents to put into one package that you give out for a request for quote process ,then Anark is a good fit for you. If you’re creating a model-based definition where you take information out of ERP or supply chain management systems and you add it into a presentation view of your 3D model, then Arark is a good fit for you. Anark is an excellent solution for those working with model-based definitions and work instructions. If you’re showing an assembly process and manufacturing process and want to insert a 3D model taken from other systems, Anark provides you with those capabilities.

“Why is it a good fit? What does the process look like?”

To illustrate this the answer, the video above provides graphics that walk you through the following points. First, when going to create these types of deliverables, you go through an authoring process. Traditionally you would use the manual procedure that includes someone sitting in front of a desktop or other computer, taking information from different sources, and actually creating it manually.

Second, deliverables need to be reviewed. This involves taking your deliverable, attaching it in an email, sending it out to many different people, and letting them review it, mark it up, and then send it back. This step is often the source of much pain and frustration for all involved parties. Some of the issues of working manually are as follows: If you have a new version of the deliverables to send back out, you risk people working off the wrong versions. Consequently, when you get feedback in the form of multiple files from these different participants, you have to manually pull that together yourself. When you want to publish the deliverable or share it back out, the same issue is present. If you distribute the file via email and realize that you need to update it again, the work you’ve just done to give everyone the deliverable has only wasted time and you must go through the entire process again. There’s a lot of manual effort that results in a loss of efficiency. It makes sense that companies are looking for a solution.

Let’s dive into how Anark handles this process differently, starting with authoring.

Instead of manually creating your deliverable, Anark has a workflow engine that uses templates to automatically pull information from different sources and create that mash-up deliverable that you want to create. This is completely automated, giving you the option to create single deliverables or put many together in a batch.

Next, in order to share your file(s) with others for review, the deliverable is hosted in Anark’s cloud. Share a URL with everyone that they can visit to view and interact with that deliverable. Anark lets them spin the 3D model and add all of their feedback. Because everything is in a browser, there’s no special application that needs to be installed, nor do people need to learn a new process of review. Very easy to use and very easy to get access to.

When you want to publish, you use the same cloud-based platform to share out the deliverable to everyone that needs to consume it.

Overall, Anark’s solution changes the process and makes it easier for the user to get their deliverables out to their target audience. With automation on the front-end and the cloud capabilities aiding on the back-end, Anark gets its users through the authoring, review, and publishing of their files, running as a single suite from beginning to end.

Again, if you’re creating complex deliverables that are mash-ups of different information, we highly recommend you use Anark’s program. It saves you time and spares you from unnecessary labor that you may have to spend with manual processes.

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