Who We Are

Chad Jackson

Chief Analyst and CEO

As Chief Analyst, Chad Jackson leads Lifecycle Insights’ research and thought leadership programs, attends and speaks at industry events, and reviews emerging technology solutions. As CEO, Chad defines Lifecycle Insights’ vision and change initiatives.

Chad’s twenty-five-year career has focused on improving executives’ ability to reap value from technology-led initiatives. He has surveyed thousands of manufacturers, produced hundreds of research and thought leadership publications, and presented dozens of times domestically and internationally. He imparts an influential, independent, and insightful voice on the industry’s transition to smart, connected products.

Arvind Krishnan

Industry Analyst

Arvind Krishnan is the company’s industry analyst covering product design and simulation programs for research and publications. His expertise spans mechanical, electrical, and electronics domains, offering powerful insights to companies transitioning to smart, connected products and adopting simulation driven product development. His twenty-year career has concentrated on advocating for technologies that make a tangible impact on organizational performance.

Cody Barnette

Relationship Manager

Cody Barnette is a relationship manager that acts as a liaison and trusted guide for the company’s clients. He advises which services are the best fit, tailors them for the needs at hand, and closes the loop with feedback for continuous improvement. Overall, he helps Lifecycle Insights clients maximize the value of our research and thought leadership programs.

Colleen K. Hendry

Product Manager

Colleen K. Hendry  is the company’s product manager, leading activities to develop, test, deploy, and deliver Lifecycle Insights’ software applications. She staffs and coordinates development, quality assurance, security, and devops functions. Colleen drives the realization of our web-native research and thought leadership tools.

Deseree Herring

Project Manager

Deseree Herring is the company’s project manager, responsible for Lifecycle Insights’ research and thought leadership programs. She staffs and coordinates project resources, scheduling, and management functions, and acts as the point of contact throughout project execution. In all, Deseree drives the processes that ensures high-quality, on-time delivery of Lifecycle Insights’ client deliverables.

Mandy Power

Marketing Manager

Mandy Power is the company’s marketing manager responsible for building awareness for Lifecycle Insights by developing and executing marketing strategies. She manages our website and social channels including YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.