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Technology-led engineering initiatives offer great promise, empowering design teams to develop better products on shorter schedules with fewer resources. Yet, done incorrectly, such efforts can actually be disruptive. Learning curves, new processes, and cultural pushback can undermine productivity.

At Lifecycle Insights, we digitally publish research, educational, and advisory insights on technology-led engineering initiatives. Armed with these insights, executives make better investment and adoption decisions. It allows your organization to reap more value from technology-led engineering initiatives in less time, with more surety, and less disruption.

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Our team has extensive industry experience in a diverse range of industries including aerospace, aviation, defense, mobility, automotive, transportation, high-tech and electronics, consumer electronics, industrial equipment, off-road machinery, medical devices and equipment, and more.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Chad Jackson

Chief Analyst and CEO

Arvind Krishnan

Senior Industry Analyst

Anjie Jackson

Chief Operating Officer

Cody Barnette

Sales Director

Scott Steiner

Sales Manager

Josh Corman

Chief Writer and Editor

Mandy Power

Marketing Director

Emma Feldman

Associate Analyst

Alexus Smith

Client Program Manager

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