What is the Return On Investment (ROI) of augmented reality in manufacturing? Chad Jackson breaks it down.

Chad has stated in the past that the benefits of soft returns don’t outweigh their drawbacks. In general, you need hard returns for engineering executives to sign off on it. When Chad attended Live Work’s, PTC’s user event, he was really looking for stories on how you can justify these types of technologies, specifically augmented reality. Several sessions were held that expanded on that subject.

One was presented by PTC’s Vuforia group. They conducted a research study where they looked at where people were looking for an ROI, specifically in metrics. They provided several concrete examples of ROI along with one of the surprising case studies there that revolved around analytics.

If you’re using AR for work instructions and employees are walking from location to location around a plant, a quality office, or a department, this technology lets you track how long it takes to execute those different steps for inspection or instructions. This becomes the source of data for analytics which can be used to improve the process. Chad recommends watching the session if you’re going to watch one thing about ROI for augmented reality. The link is included below.