Technical Copywriter Job Description

Lifecycle Insights seeks a creative, highly skilled engineering technology copywriter to develop blog posts, briefs, eBooks, and other publications per the company’s well-defined and documented standards. You must be a dynamic writer with previous experience writing marketing copy and in-depth executive articles and reports. Our ideal candidate has a substantial portfolio of published work and at least five years of professional experience translating complex principles into accessible and compelling blog posts and publications.


  • Research writing topics, and write clear and error-free content, accurately reflecting the company’s mission or the goal within the assignment
  • Propose and execute copy concepts in an engaging manner
  • Edit and proofread copy within established deadlines
  • Use SEO principles to maximize the reach of copy generated

Requisite Knowledge and Skills

Successful candidates have knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Experience writing and publishing technical documents such as reports, user guides, reference manuals, and whitepapers
  • Experience writing and publishing marketing communications such as product brochures, web content, and company announcements
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines while consistently producing high-quality content
  • Strong working knowledge of online content strategy and SEO principles
  • Strong familiarity with technology-led initiatives pursued by product development executives. Examples include digital transformation, simulation-driven design, model-based definitions, digital twins, and other related efforts.
  • Strong familiarity with the capabilities and value proposition of technologies that enable technology-led initiatives. Examples include generative design, additive manufacturing, designer-accessible analysis tools, mechanical CAD, electrical CAD, EDA, PLM, ALM, and more.
  • Familiarity with discrete manufacturing industries, including automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial equipment and heavy machinery, medical devices, consumer products, and consumer electronics.
  • Knowledgeable of social media platforms

Applicable Experience

  • 5+ years of professional writing and editing experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, English, Journalism, or a related field preferred

Estimated hours

Averaging 3-5 hours for per 1,000 words

This is a contract position.