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What is 3D Visualization?

This reference provides an introduction and orientation to 3D Visualization software.

The Visibility Mandate for Engineering Operations

This article details the increasing demand for visibility from company executives into engineering operations.

The “Right the First Time” Principle

No engineer plans to make the wrong decision. Product development, however, is a highly constrained endeavor. Products must be designed on a specific schedule. Engineers have to take company-wide considerations into account. Products are only getting more complex in terms of mechatronics. It’s surprising that more mistakes aren’t made when designing products. To counter all of these …

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The Coming War for Engineering Talent

Continuity, in terms of engineering staffing, is a rare thing. Many organizations struggle to find suitable engineering candidates. Onboarding is a long process where new engineers are often placed into semi-apprenticeships before taking on serious responsibilities. Replacing key contributing engineers is often an all-hands emergency. Unfortunately, a number of issues that range from generational issues …

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The Increasing Volatility of Engineering Work

Today, engineers are working longer and harder than ever. A simple afternoon phone call about a product issue turns into a fire drill, deprioritizing all other work. Soon it escalates into staying at the office late, or worse yet, the entire weekend. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too familiar for engineers.

The Expanding Role of the Modern Engineer

At first glance, it might seem that the required skills and knowledge for engineers haven’t changed that much over the years. Yet it’s easy to see that product development has evolved. Many non-engineering stakeholders need to be involved in this development. Design decisions are necessarily more democratic when taking company-wide considerations into account. This prompts …

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Profitable Growth and Engineering Staffing

An engineering leader’s relationship with his or her CEO is clearly important. This relationship is not just about following orders; it’s also about alignment. Once an engineering leader and CEO are aligned, then few directives, mandates, strategies or initiatives come as a surprise. The trend addressed here concerns how the CEO’s top driver of profitable growth trickles down …

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Recruiting and Retaining Engineering Talent

In dealing with highly technical issues, complex development processes and technically oriented engineers, engineering managers rarely get the chance to actually manage. Instead, they often act as firefighters, dealing with the emergency of the day. Due to generational dynamics and hyper-specialization, however, the landscape of engineering staffing is changing. To get ahead of the curve, some …

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Just in Time Engineering (JITE)

When engineers are placed on a tight deadline, the reaction is fairly common: rush to complete work as quickly as possible. However, a new philosophy regarding design has recently emerged that actually takes the opposite position: make no design decision before it is absolutely necessary. Defining Just in Time Engineering (JITE) The philosophy of JIT is simple: …

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Chief Innovation Officer

Agile Product Development Processes

As more electronic hardware and software are incorporated into traditional mechanical products, manufacturers are seeking better ways to integrate design activities across engineering disciplines. As a result, many design and development practices are exchanged. One such initiative, Agile Product Development, involves the application of agile methodologies to mechanical design, electrical design and broader product development. …

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What are Enterprise Business Platforms, Solutions and Apps?

Enterprise Business Platforms, Solutions and Apps are used to execute cross-functional organizational responsibilities, providing combinations of capabilities that are often delivered by multiple separate enterprise systems.

A 3D x-ray CAD model of a car

What is Routed Systems Design (RSD)?

Routed Systems Design (RSD) software is used to create and modify geometry, both 2D and 3D, in order to design, assess and document routed systems. This includes both fluids systems such as piping, pneumatics and hydraulics, air handing systems such as HVAC as well as electrical interconnect systems such as cable and wire harnesses.