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Overview of Dassault Systèmes

  • Offers software solutions in the form of desktop applications, mobile apps, server-based and cloud-based systems as well as implementation services
  • Provides solutions that support the design and manufacturing stages of the product lifecycle
  • Serves discrete-based product manufacturers, architectural, engineering and construction companies as well as film and gaming companies
  • Focuses on systems, mechanical hardware and software aspects of discrete products, recipe and formulation for process products, all aspects of fashion products, planning and execution of construction projects and 3D modeling for games and films

Note that coverage of Dassault Systèmes on this site concentrates on their offerings that focus on design and manufacturing for discrete manufacturers.

Dassault Systèmes Products and Services

Dassault Systèmes offers their 3DEXPERIENCE platform as an Enterprise Business Platform (EBP). It provides common capabilities from their brand technologies that are then used in various 3DEXPERIENCE apps that are specific to roles and industries.

Dassault Systèmes technology brands include:

  • CATIA provides the full set of modeling and documentation capabilities of Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD) software, the organic modeling and rendering available in Computer Aided Industrial Design (CAID) software, the diagramming, layout and routing capabilities of Routed Systems Design (RSD), the software and the modeling and simulation capabilities of Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) as well as the NC machining capabilities of Mechanical Computer Aided Manufacturing (MCAM).
  • SIMULIA is composed of a number of individual applications, all of which provide MCAE simulation and analysis capabilities.
    • Abaqus provides broad multi-physics pre-, post- and solver capabilities. This includes design improvement capabilities and close integration with CATIA. As part of the SIMULIA set of products, the offerings available for simulation analysts are called ExSight. The offerings for designers or casual users are called DesignSight.
    • iSight provides Simulation Automation capabilities.
    • Additional simulation tools include TOSCA, which provides topology optimization capabilities, fe-safe, which provides fatigue analysis capabilities, and Simpoe-Mold, which provides plastic injection analysis capabilities.
  • ENOVIA delivers the data management capabilities of Product Data Management (PDM) as well as the process execution, sharing and collaboration and reporting and oversight capabilities of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). It also provides the simulation data management capabilities of Simulation Data Management (SDM).
  • DELMIA provides capabilities from three different classes of technology enablers, including:
    • Modeling, designing and simulating the production process of Manufacturing Planning software within and across manufacturing facilities.
    • Capturing, tracking and analyzing actual production operations within and across manufacturing facilities.
  • EXALEAD provides search and mash-up capabilities to find and reuse models and information in the product development process.
  • In a solution set made for small to mid-sized companies, Dassault Systèmes offers a pair of integrated software solutions.
    • SolidWorks provide 2D and 3D geometry creation and manipulation capabilities of MCAD software, simulation and analysis capabilities of MCAE software as well as the documentation capabilities of Technical Illustration.
    • SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual is a cloud-based service that provides 2D and 3D geometry creation and manipulation capabilities of MCAD and kinematic simulation capabilities of MCAE for the development of mechanical design concepts. SolidWorks Industrial Conceptual is also a cloud-based service that provides the organic modeling capabilities of CAID.
    • Enterprise PDM provides the MCAD data management capabilities of Product Data Management (PDM) software and limited simulation data management capabilities of Simulation Data Management (SDM).

Dassault Systèmes also offers a number of other technology brands not directly related to the design and manufacture of discrete products, including GEOVIA, 3DVIA, BIOVIA, NETVIBES and 3DEXCITE.


Dassault Systèmes

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