Vuuch 4.5: Growing Up Before Our Eyes

It seemed like it wasn’t that long ago when Vuuch, something hardly anyone understood, was launched. More than a year later, Vuuch is up to version 4.5 and has new capabilities to offer. Some good. Some questionable. But at this point, one thing is clear: it seems like Vuuch is here to stay. And overall, …

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Vuuch: A Unique Approach to Social Computing in Product Development

Overall, the objective behind Vuuch is the same as it has been for any other collaboration solution provided in the last ten years. If you resolve issues faster, then you can go through more iterations resulting in a better product or you can reach design release faster (or maybe just on time) to keep pace in the schedule. That being said, this solution goes about it in a markedly different way. Here’s what’s advantageous and concerning from my perspective.