Topology Optimization

Altair solidThinking: Mechanical Design and Analysis

Altair solidThinking is a set of applications for mechanical design and analysis. This post reviews this solution and the value it provides.

Simulation FEA Bracket

solidThinking Inspire 2014: Refining Simulation Driven Design

Just barely over a year ago, I wrote a post titled The Implications of solidThinking Inspire, introducing the idea of marrying topology optimization with Direct Modeling functionality. A few weeks ago, they released a new version of the product with numerous enhancements. This post looks closer at that release and what it means for engineering …

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3D CAD Model Organic Shape

The Implications of solidThinking Inspire

This post covers the new topology optimization capabilities of solidThinking Inspire, including the implications for engineering organizations.

Simulation CFD Jet Mixer

Dassault Systèmes Acquires FE-DESIGN: What Does It Mean for the 3DEXPERIENCE Vision?

Another day, another acquisition. I have to admit though, I find this one intriguing. Not because the SIMULIA brand feels relatively complete already from a portfolio perspective. More from the perspective of what it means for their whole 3DEXPERIENCE vision. There’s actually a lot there. Read on and I’ll give you my perspective.

Simulation CFD Wing

Ghost in the Machine: A Look at Dassault Systemes’ ATOM Technology

Earlier this year, I wrote about Altair Engineering’s OptiStruct and how it can assist in functionally driven design. It is not, however, the only tool that performs topology and shape optimization. Another CAE software application that falls into the same category is the Abaqus Topology Optimization Module from Dassault Systèmes’ SIMULIA brand. I know, it’s a mouthful. Luckily, people just refer to it as ATOM.

Altair’s OptiStruct: Functionally Driven Concept Design

Do you remember when the first simulation based optimization tools hit the industry? From what you might have read, it might have seemed as if nirvana had been found. All you have to do is define a simulation, define the design variables that should change and identify your objective and poof, the perfect design would …

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