STEM Education

Engineering Students Team Designing Start up Concept

Engineering Education Now: Encouraging Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurial mindset can be a valuable skill for engineers. Universities are therefore building innovation centers where entrepreneurship is encouraged.

Engineering students

Engineering Education Now: Active Learning Through Real-World Problem Solving

We explore the topic of active learning through real-world problem solving, and how some universities employ this. Active learning has been shown to yield better results than typical lecture classes.

STEM Diversity K-12

Engineering Education Now: Tackling the Lack of Diversity in STEM K-12

In this article we look at how K-12 schools are emphasizing diversity in their STEM programs.

STEM diversity drives innovation

Engineering Education Now: The Lack of Diversity in STEM Graduates

This article looks at how some universities are addressing the lack of diversity in STEM graduates. STEM diversity has been proven to drive innovation.