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3D CAD Model Gears

Software Profile: Creo from PTC

With both parametric and direct modeling approaches covered, Creo offers a lot of flexibility when creating and modifying geometry. Creo Direct provides direct manipulation tools for 3D geometry, regardless of whether it was natively built or imported. Creo Parametric offers the traditional parametric feature-based modeling approach.

3D CAD Model Software

Creo to Open Native CAD Files: A Promise Finally Fulfilled

October 28th, 2011 started with such promise. There I was, sitting in this cavernous castle in the middle of Boston at the super secretive event that PTC was hosting. I sat through a skit that was… well… I guess the word interesting is most appropriate. But there was Jim Heppelman up on stage talking about

Is Mathcad Right for Engineers?

Do you use an engineering notebook? If I asked that question to engineers 15 years ago, the answer would be an unequivocal YES. Today, however, I don’t think it would be an easy question for engineers to answer. As I wrote in a series of posts (link to first post) on the modern equivalent to

My Thoughts on System Engineering Capabilities at PlanetPTC 2012

Back in June, I went to PlanetPTC 2012 and got caught up on their new releases and products. One of the major things that captured my attention was their focus on system engineering, which has been getting quite a bit of attention of late in the industry. Here are my thoughts, which was recorded by

Changing the PLM Landscape: PTC’s Acquisition of MKS

A few weeks ago, while I was in Boston, I sat down with a couple old friends for lunch. We like to talk about what’s happening in the industry and at one point, the discussion turned towards PTC’s acquisition of MKS. “I don’t get it. It makes no sense to me.” In my interactions since

Modeling with Creo: Diving into the Details

It seems like 2011 is bound to be the year of CAD. There are numerous updates by so many software providers in terms of introducing new capabilities to their CAD applications. And none may be more anticipated than PTC’s Creo due to their publicly stated goal to revolutionize the CAD industry. Well, a year later,

The Potential Advantages and Outstanding Concerns of PTC’s Creo

This series of posts will cover new product releases, changes in product strategy and acquisitions by engineering software providers affect engineering stakeholders. New posts in this series will be published based on software provider activities. Today’s post goes beyond the news around the launch of PTC’s Creo to analyze and assess the potential advantages, the

Howard Schimmoller Talks About Windchill at Lockheed Martin MS2 Divisions

I’ve always been extremely curious about PLM deployments in larger enterprises. Based on my experience, larger companies tend to take on PLM to support an internal initiative. And because internal initiatives often widely vary from company to company, the ultimate form that PLM takes within those companies can be completely different from one another.