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Digital Notebooks for Engineering?

A little more than a month ago, I published a post titled The Forlorn Engineering Notebook. My point in it was that while certain activities in engineering like the creation of drawings and automation of processes had seen dramatic changes in enabling technology, the engineering notebook had been pretty much ignored and forgotten. There are …

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Point Solutions, Integrated Solutions and the Granularity Value Proposition

A few weeks ago, I published a software review post titled Actify Centro and Microsoft SharePoint: The 3D Mashup. In it I looked at one of Actify’s new products and offered my perspective. A few days later, Oleg Shilovitsky published a post titled 3D Mashup – Reality Check where he laid out some of his …

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What is the Killer App for the Modern Engineer?

A couple weeks ago, I asked a question that has been on my mind for a while: do engineers have the broadest reach within the enterprise? I’ve always thought there’s been a little bit of a misconception that an engineer’s sole focus is on new product development and more specifically, design work. Instead, just about every day for an engineer is a firedrill where they’re scrambling all over the company to resolve issues across a number of product’s lifecycles. So after coming to that conclusion, I started thinking about another question: what technology would best enable engineers to do their job?

What is the Impact of Siemens PLM’s HD Strategy on Decision Support?

Siemens PLM’s HD strategy provides stakeholders a way to visually access and navigate information in Teamcenter, Siemens’s PLM offering. For stakeholders that are not heavy PLM users and tend to avoid textual navigation of the system, this new framework provides an easier and faster way to get to information yourself. However, to utilize these capabilities, you will need to familiarize yourself with the attributes used in the PLM system and be somewhat technically savvy.