About the Study:

In the Summer of 2022, Lifecycle Insights conducted the Technical Content Collaboration Maturity Study. Lifecycle Insights surveyed over 200 respondents to understand the maturity of their company’s technical content collaboration processes. In addition, the study sought insight into companies’ initiatives to improve those processes. Survey respondents originated mainly from North America and represented numerous industry verticals. 

Study Demographics:

The findings of this study were based on 200 respondents spread across the following industries: 

  • manufacturing (60%) 
  • heavy equipment/machinery (20%) 
  • automotive (10%)  
  • aerospace, consumer products, and medical devices (10%)  

Respondents’ company revenues varied widely, but most were between $300 to $750m (34%), $100 to $300m (26%), or under $100m (22%). 

More than 54% of the respondents worked in the manufacturing or production department, 18% in engineering, 11% in product management, 9% in procurement/supply chain, and the rest in other departments.


Lifecycle Insights employs a proven research methodology to measure respondents’ organizational performance and practices and derive meaning from the results. Our analysts design carefully crafted surveys, collect responses from clearly defined participant groups, and analyze survey data thoroughly to deliver clear, actionable insights for our clients. To date, Lifecycle Insights has surveyed more than 10,000 engineering and manufacturing organizations.

Learn More:

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We thank Anark for their financial support of this study. Without their sponsorship, Lifecycle Insights would not have been able to conduct this important research into technical content collaboration.