Today’s technology landscape is a confusing mix of marketing hyperbole and technology jargon. Extracting the relevance of a particular solution to a client is nearly impossible.

Lifecycle Insights’ solution reviews cut through the confusion. We deliver insight into technologies in a simple, powerful and authentic way. Our analysts provide their concise, independent perspective on specific companies.


Meet with our analyst for a one-hour briefing on your view of the industry, your solutions capabilities and its value to engineering executives. Here are some of the questions we cover during our briefing.

  • Who is the executive buyer of your solution?
  • What is your value proposition to them? What is the ROI formula?
  • What key capabilities do your solutions provide to enable the value proposition?
  • What about competitors? What differentiates your offering?

Next, our analyst publishes a video review of your solution to our website and social channels. You can share the solution reviews on your social channels embed on your website and use as sales enablement.


Lifecycle Insights publishes guidance for engineering and other product development executives that lead mechanical, electrical, electronics, embedded software, systems, and IoT connectivity design organizations.

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