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Lifecycle Insights publishes research, educational, and advisory insights on technology-led engineering initiative in written form.

We publish eBooks that focus particular initiatives. These publications, in 10 to 16 page PDFs,  analyze related trends, share the business context, and contrast traditional solutions with progressive ones. No specific solutions or technology providers are mentioned in these publications.

We publish Articles, ranging anywhere from 800 to 2500 words, that analyze an engineering initiative in the context of emerging technologies, forecasting the impact of such advances.

These publications can be funded and licensed for distribution. Contact us to discuss.


Lifecycle Insights conducts research studies on technology-led engineering initiatives. Findings from these studies can be published in Educational and Advisory Publications, presented as part of Host or Presentation Services, or presented privately to a single organization.

We conduct Quantitative research studies using surveys to produce statistical findings. That data serves as the basis to prove or disprove the strategic or tactical approaches to adopting initiatives. This includes Benchmark studies to compare the practices and technology adoption of top performers against their lower performing peers.

We also conduct Qualitative research studies by interviewing executives and engineers to produce anecdotal evidence. Those conclusions services as a means to assess the strategic or tactical approaches to adopting initiatives.

Research studies can be funded by single or multiple companies. Contact us to discuss.



Lifecycle Insights supplies a host or subject matter expert for a variety of digital events. In our speaking services, we present relevant research, educational, or advisory insights in the context of a specific technology-led engineering initiative.

We can host and provide a subject matter expert for Webinars, Podcasts, or Live Events. Note that we do not drive attendance to such events. Our core competency lies in providing relevant content.

We can host and develop Videos in live action or animated form. We partner with a 3rd party in Austin, Texas a recording studio and video production capabilities.

Participating in new mediums is one of our specialty. Contact us to discuss.


Lifecycle Insights provides Strategic Advisory Services for solution providers. This offering focuses on the positioning, messaging, and roadmapping for a specific product. This service includes:

  • An in-depth review of the solution.
  • The development of a 5 to 10-page report detailing the solution’s current position in the industry and outlining our recommendations going forward.
  • A presentation and discussion of the report.

Note that the assessment of the solution’s current position is only compared with respect to information in the public domain.

We have deep knowledge and experience in the industry and can provide valuable insights. Contact us to discuss.


Lifecycle Insights authors and publishes detailed reviews of technology solutions that support engineering initiatives. This includes:

  • An overview of the key capabilities of the solution.
  • Commentary and analysis of the impact of those capabilities.
  • Insight into the value the solution can provide to engineering organizations.
These reviews are published as blog posts on this site and not in any other forms.

Lifecycle Insights does not accept compensation for the review of solutions in any way, shape, or form. We provide solution reviews as a service to the industry. If you would like Lifecycle Insights to review your solution, please contact us and set up a briefing.