There’s no doubt about it: technology is a crucial enabler for engineering initiatives. They power new processes and practices, delivering tangible results if implemented correctly. Yet, today’s technology landscape is a confusing mix of marketing hyperbole and technology jargon. Extracting the relevance of a particular solution to your organization is nearly impossible.

Lifecycle Insights’ solution reviews cut through the confusion. We deliver insight into technologies in a simple, powerful, and authentic way. Completely independent, our analysts provide their concise, unvarnished perspective on specific companies and solutions through videos and blog posts.


Technology-led initiatives are powerfully appealing on paper. In theory, they deploy smoothly, drive cultural change, and deliver return-on-investments. Yet, things rarely go according to plan. Missteps can result in more disruption than benefits. Executives must select initiatives that fit their organizations, plan implementations carefully, and navigate unexpected challenges along the way.

Lifecycle Insights’ research services provide surety and insight for executives taking on new technology-led initiatives. Our research services include benchmark studies, initiative studies, supplier studies, and interactive online assessments.


Modern product development moves at a breakneck pace. Despite executives’ urgency to carefully research and plan out initiatives, there isn’t enough time. There are too many resources in the veritable sea of information on the internet. There are too many deadlines in the development schedule.

Lifecycle Insights’ video and speaking services act as concise, easy-to-consume primers on tech-led initiatives for executives. They offer the right balance between education, thought leadership, and research content. Our webinar presentations ranging from thirty to sixty minutes in length. Our video discussions that focus on a specific topic range from two to ten minutes in length.


Today’s initiatives and technologies are continually evolving. Each new advance can dramatically improve the benefits an organization experiences. Yet, given the demands of modern product development, few have the time to stay up to date. Keeping pace is practically impossible.

Lifecycle Insights’ publications keep executives current on the cutting edge of initiatives and technologies. Our reports and eBooks provide an easy-to-consume balance of research and thought leadership through text, figures, and charts.


Sometimes, general guidance isn’t enough: one-on-one advice is required. Lifecycle Insights’ advisory services provide periodic, scheduled individual interaction with our analysts to focus on your organization’s needs.

This annual service includes:

  • One written assessment report analyzing your organization’s strategy and our recommendations for next steps. For manufacturers, this focuses on your initiative’s plans. For solution providers, this focuses on your product strategy and position.
  • Quarterly strategy sessions with one of our analysts to discuss changes to your strategy, initiatives, or technologies.
  • Quarterly industry insight presentations from one of our analysts, including recent research we have conducted, emerging trends, and our latest publications.