Mitigating Risks to Model-based Definition Initiatives in Multi-CAD Environments

Model-based definition (MBD) initiatives are on the rise, replacing traditional drawings and benefiting companies across the development lifecycle and beyond. Engineers often share an MBD with internal and external stakeholders. Each party uses different CAD applications that can produce minute but important variations in the model.




Today’s aviation industry is hyper focused on safety and sustainability. The growing emphasis on safety and sustainability leads to mounting system complexity. Organizations struggle to prioritize these tenets under the weight of new features, novel business models and operational requirements.



The 2020 Product Development IT Ecosystem Benchmark Report

Lifecycle Insights’ 2020 Product Development IT Ecosystem Study shows that demand for smart, connected products is the top driver changing product development today.  In this benchmark report, we expand on the findings from the Product Development IT Ecosystem Study.



Eliminate Friction in Design: Leveraging CAD Technologies for Global Collaboration

Engineering plays a critical role in the design process, but they face a range of challenges when trying to complete project requirements. Fortunately, solutions exist to reduce this friction.

This report discusses these challenges and the new tools engineers can use to reduce the friction in collaboration.



Building A Better Startup

It is hard to build a successful startup, especially for hardware products. Startups must find product-market fit, secure financing, find the right people and much more.  The goal of the Lifecycle Insights 2020 Startup Study is to uncover approaches and practices that can increase the chances of success.

This survey-based eBook documents the biggest challenges that startups face today and recommends solutions that startup leaders can put in place to drive success.

Can You Automate Innovation with Generative Design?

The future of your organization is dependent on your product design team creating breakthrough products that exceed customer expectations, boost sales, and beat the competition. With looming deadlines and budget constraints, it can be hard for executives to foster innovation in their product design teams.

Join this webinar to learn how to automate innovation with generative design.

Webinar hosted by Autodesk.

How to improve plastic component engineering and manufacturing

Learn how to improve plastic component engineering and manufacturing through digital transformation for plastic components, digital twin concept for plastic components, and key processes & solutions for plastic component engineering and manufacturing.

Webinar hosted by Siemens.

The Digital Transformation Guide for Aerospace Suppliers

Developing and delivering products as a smaller aerospace supplier is no easy task today. Many issues make it more difficult for smaller aerospace suppliers to succeed today. Digital Transformation initiatives offer a path to counter those issues.

This report compares development processes run with traditional approaches with those converted by a Digital Transformation initiative.



Next Generation Machine Shops: Powering Profitable Growth Through Automation

Machining equipment is more precise than ever before. Competition is now global instead of local. Machine shops must work hard to keep existing customers and to find new clients. The very pace of change is accelerating in machining. Machine shops have the option to respond to such relentless innovation by resisting or embracing it. From the top floor to the shop floor, companies can incrementally improve or radically transform every aspect of the business.




Simulation has expanded. It now includes every stage of the development process, from concept design to executable digital twins in operation. Analysis now delivers value across product development. The Simulation Digital Thread is a fundamental building block to applying simulation throughout Product Development.



A How to Guide for Driving Digital Transformation with PLM

Get expert advice on how to plan and deploy PLM in support of your innovation efforts. Based on the eBook, “The PLM Deployment Handbook: Planning and Driving Digital Transformation”, Kevin O’Brien, Divisional GM of PLM, will ask our CEO and Chief Analyst, Chad Jackson questions on examples of digital transformation initiatives, PLM best practices, and more.

Webinar hosted by PTC.

The Integrated Systems Development Report

Lifecycle Insights’ Systems Development Benchmark Study shows many companies are struggling to keep up with consumers’ demands for digitally enabled products. At the same time, our findings show the most progressive companies report strong organizational performance gains. These progressive companies share several common attributes. These include the early use of simulation — both mechanics and electronics — and model-based systems engineering. This report shares study findings to guide manufacturers navigating similar changes.


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