The Executive’s Guide to EX Initiatives

Today’s engineering organizations face increasingly intense competition. These companies are under significant pressure to improve product quality, increase revenue, minimize operational inefficiencies, and bring new products to market before their peers. To achieve these and other important goals, many companies are pursuing engineering transformation (EX) initiatives.

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EX encompasses a subset of digital transformation (DX) initiatives intended to improve product design and other engineering-related outcomes. As with DX, technological change is EX’s key enabler. However, adopting new software is just one part of the process. As organizations implement new technology, they often also make corresponding changes to their processes and organizational roles and responsibilities to facilitate a smoother transformation process.

These additional adjustments are often critical. EX initiatives help organizations improve engineering efficiency and productivity, but they also introduce a considerable amount of change, which can create serious levels of disruption if managed ineffectively. This can manifest in costly ways, including project delays, unsustainable engineer workloads, and missed deadlines. Disruption can also obfuscate the positive effects of a company’s EX efforts and lead to cultural pushback from team members who may regard the drawbacks of those efforts as more significant than their benefits. It is therefore essential that
engineering organizations rely on EX strategies that maximize those benefits and minimize potential disruption.

After reading this eBook, stakeholders will be able to do the following:

  • Define engineering transformation
  • Summarize the engineering improvements EX initiatives are intended to produce
  • Detail the types of initiatives companies pursue to make those improvements