The recent changes in the CAD industry have been impactful for many organizations. But do they solve all of the problems? For organizations that design and develop the most complex products in the world, the answer well could be no. These thoughts prompted me to write this eBook that looks at other technologies and capabilities that are needed in those scenarios. Here's a quick excerpt.

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This eBook is valuable for product development leaders responsible for getting more enterprise stakeholders involved in the design process, ranging from manufacturing, services, sourcing and more.


Are we in a recession or recovery? There’s no doubt that question weighs heavy on many minds. But the answer may not make that much of a difference for today’s manufacturers. Either way, the mantra from executives is the same: develop great products as fast and cost-effectively as possible. But that’s not necessarily an easy thing to do, especially considering things aren’t as simple as they once were. Product development is becoming a more complex beast. That’s due, in part, to the increasingly complicated engineering effort required to develop products. However, it’s also because manufacturers are taking broader enterprise considerations, such as manufacturability and serviceability, into account. All of that translates into a sizeable challenge. Organizations can no longer simply throw more bodies at the problem. To successfully address these issues, you have to work smarter than you ever have before and leverage new technologies to your advantage. If you’ve been paying attention to the CAD industry over the past few years, you probably know that we are in an era of dramatic change. Different modeling technologies are being integrated into suites of applications. New interfaces are emerging to make those tools accessible to roles that have never used them before. While these changes can provide benefits in product development, there is a serious and legitimate question to ask: do those changes address the complexity and enterprise design challenges of today’s manufacturers? Usability and new modeling approaches don’t provide engineering executives the capabilities to manage large-scale products. Neither do they enable the validation or verification of manufacturing or service operations for highly complex products. And if the answer is no, what tools or applications do offer those capabilities?